.it.com TLD cannot be added

Dear CF community

I’ve acquired one of the new .it.com domains. But when I’m trying to add it as a new website, I can’t proceed, because it thinks I’m trying to add a subdomain.

Does anyone know what the plans are to support these new TLDs?

it.com is not a public SLD but simply a regular .com domain. For you to use a sub-domain, the owner of it.com would need to add it to publicsuffix.org.


(From the it.com Registry) We have submitted it.com to the PSL and it is in “ready to review” status. The PSL is mostly a voluntary effort so it takes some time for full inclusion. Your website will work but there are still some issues until we are added to the PSL list. Feel free to inquire from the it.com site for updates. Thank you!

UPDATE - Feb 14, 2023: The it.com domains are now part of the Public Suffixes List (PSL).
list/public_suffix_list.dat at master · publicsuffix/list · GitHub

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