It always redirects to HTTPS but I do not want to

I am trying to setup access to my HomeAssistant setup. First it does not support HHTPS out of the box and second to connect mobile app I will not setup any application to protect login. So I need HTTP. This is how I setup.

But whenever I try to access this domain it always redirect to HTTPS no matter what. How do i disable it?

Hi @serg4172

Try and create a page rule where you add the url and add a string where you choose SSL and then off.

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A Google search come up with like 20 tutorials and some plugins to provide it though.

Ok so no Access policy.


Client connects over https, connection it proxied to the origin from the tunnel over HTTP. Looks fine. Done.

Good, that sounds like it’s working as intended.

Why would you want to? Even their basic yaml example shows an external URL using https and an internal one using http. Setup basic information - Home Assistant

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In did, mobile app works with https, I thought it would not. Everything works fine now.

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