Isues with SPF

Recently our static IP has changed.
We got an SPF/TXT record containing the old IP which no longer works.
We tried to change the existing SPF/TXT record multiple times through the cPanel only to get errors.
The domain was bought through a third party, and they host our website and cPanel while our e-mail service is hosted on the server from our company.
We contacted the third party hosting the cPanel and our ISP, but both of them told us that we need to contact our DNS hosting provider in order to change the existing SPF/TXT record.

Any guidance or help would be appreciated.

If your domain is on Cloudflare and using our nameservers (also known as Full Setup) you can manage your DNS records in the dashboard:


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The domain uses the Cloudflare name servers through the third party. However the domain is hosted at the third party.
I already tried making the changes at them, and when I failed I contacted them. They said that the changes must be made from Cloudflare.
The third party is Romarg.
I read the full setup guide, but I don’t want to transfer the domain from Romarg to Cloudflare.
I want to know if there is an another solution.

If the domain uses Cloudflare nameservers it is already on Cloudflare. Whoever set up the Cloudflare nameservers for the domain has access to manage it. You will want to find the person at your company responsible for the Cloudflare account and have them make the changes.

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Thank you for the answers. It has to be the third party. I will go talk with them once more.

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