Istanbul WARP+ causes heavily censored and unusable internet experience

I am using WARP ever since it is launched and I am a WARP+ customer. During the earliest days of WARP, Cloudflare was using Romanian datacenter as the exit getaway but they updated to Istanbul datacenter recently which resulted in heavily censored internet and most of the time it is useless. We cannot even reach basic websites like or etc. not to mention adult websites too of course.

AFAIK Cloudflare WARP decides the physically closest datacenter for lowest lag aka ping but that ruins paying customers’ internet experience more than they think.

On the WARP client there is no option to choose another closest location, in my case that is romania.
Actually, Turkish internet infrastructure endpoints are also in Romaina afaik.

In this situation the most logical thing would be completely ending istanbul datacenter purpose for the WARP or at least WARP+ and use Romanian datacenters instead. The ping isn’t really increasing that much since vast majority already has to access by CGNAT and ping issue won’t be solved in Turkey no matter what.

Even when we connect servers from turkey we still have relatively pings because of CGNAT anyway.

I am hoping someone in the WARP team can see that and made it discussed on meetings. Turkey has 80 million of population and more than 50+ million internet users. Cloudflare would lost a lot of revenue because of this censored internet decision. Please don’t let the dictators win. Internet is for people not for corrupt governments censoring internet to hide the news.

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Hocam merhabalar, aynı sorunu siz de yaşadınız eminim. Geri bildirim de bulundum ücret iadesi talep ettim fatura gönderin falan dediler bu adamlar fatura göndermedi ne yapabiliriz siz ne yapacaksınız? İlerleyen zamanlarda romanya ya taşınır mı sizce kullanılabilir duruma gelir mi. Şimdiden çok teşekkür ederim

Cloudflare does not decide the closest datacenter. Your ISP does that. If you need a VPN that avoids georestrictions, you’ll need one that lets you choose your exit node.

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