Issuing Certificate



It has been over 4 days since the system has been issuing a certificate to my domain. I’ve had to keep CloudFlare paused ever since.

How long does this take to resolve?


Usually less than a day. Sometimes two. But if Cloudflare is paused, I’m not sure it will continue with the SSL process. Is this the SSL at the top of the Crypto page?

It’s been a while since I’ve enabled one of these, so I don’t remember what happens while you’re waiting. Doesn’t it just run in http mode? Or does it throw in a self-signed SSL cert until then?

Either way, if it seems stuck:

  1. Turn it off, then turn it back on again to attempt to re-issue a certificate -or-
  2. Open a Support Ticket to see what’s going on.


Usually it is around 24-48 hours, if it takes longer please contact Cloudflare Support at

In several cases, it would take longer since either:

  1. Comodo having trouble issuing the certificates, or
  2. Your domain trigger a brand check.


It’s been over 3 days. They asked me to just pause Cloudflare (and not remove the name servers), so the SSL ordering process can continue in the backend.

I am also unable to raise a ticket, because the support site asks me to login, and once I login, it takes me to the service overview dashboard. And when you click on Support again, it asks you to login again. Quite a vicious circle that. Some major issues!

Will try to turn it off and on, though I don’t know if that’s possible.


If you ever get stuck in a login loop you can always send an email directly to support from your account email address. supportATcloudflareDOTcom


maybe cloudflare could automate some checks, i.e. if ssl cert isn’t issued within 24hrs auto notify/submit ticket to cloudflare support ?


Great suggestion. My certificate was perpetually in ‘Issuing’ mode, until I manually wrote to them.