Issues with Wordpress site after activating APO, Any help

I activated APO on a wordpress site. The site displays lots of rendering issues, there seem to be caching and minification issues. Purging cache in Cloudflare doesn’t help. Disabling the plugin in Wordpress neither. Activating debug mode neither. I logged a ticket a few hours ago and didn’t get any replies. I need some help or I’ll have to revert back. Website is

Hi @fratelliborgioli,

Sorry you’re experiencing issues with APO! I’d love to learn a bit more about your particular problem.

Are you using any other performance or cache related plugins in addition to APO?

Hi @pjohnson, when we tested APO we didn’t have on our site any caching or performance plugins active, or any caching or performance features in Siteground active. After testing and after the website broke we had to deactivate APO and revert back to Siteground’s nameservers. And even after going back to Siteground our website was still showing issues which we managed to fix only by re-uploading to the server the files related to our child-theme. I’m not a developer so it’s hard to understand what caused this, but it was really a pain. I’d have expected APO to be smooth while we struggled for 2 days, after testing it, to get back a working site. Also I’d have expected some support by chat at least, while I got a broken site and no real time support at all, for a service I paid for. What could we do to try again? I’d love for APO to work but without the issues we experienced. If you need access to our website or Siteground I could provide it.

Hi @marcomancosu,

Really sorry to hear you had to go through that. Having serious issues with your site is never fun!

Without knowing more details, it’s hard to diagnose this one. It sounds like, something else was causing issue with your site beyond APO. We haven’t gotten any other reports of problems this severe just by flipping on APO.

When installing any new wordpress plugin for the first time, it’s always a good idea to create a backup you can quickly revert to if things go sideways.

I’d recommend backing everything up, giving it another shot, and reaching out to our very capable support team if you still can’t get it working. We have updated our knowledge base in the last few days which also might be helpful:

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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