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Hi All,

I’ve been having an issue currently with my hosting and CloduFlare (
All of a sudden my site stopped responding today, and kept receiving an SSL issue.
I had SSL defines as Full (strict), and was working fine.

I interacted with the wordpress support, and there I received a notification that my domains are not set up correctly. Thgeir system seems to show that the domain is pointing to other IPs (but the DNS configuration is all correct).

I have then tried to move to SSL full (not strict), and now it is working…

I did send a ticket… but was wondering if anybody had the same issues or knows what the problem could possibly be.


It looks good to me. Just make sure that in the Cloudflare Dashboard’s SSL/TLS section under Edge Certificates, you’ve enabled “Always Use HTTPS.” If Full (Not Strict) is the only way to get it to work, then that means the certificate on the server is not valid. Either due to an expiration, or not having the correct hostname on it.

Thank you.
This seems to solve the frowned bit. I still have the issue that Wordpress tells me the DNS is not configured correctly…

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