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Hey There.

My website is built using the NationBuilder platform and the domain is pointing via CNAME records. When I visit my website it says the site is secure but when conducting a security check it says

" Web sites need to use encryption to help their visitors know they’re in the right place, as well as provide confidentiality and content integrity. Sites that don’t support HTTPS may expose sensitive data and have their pages modified and subverted.
[ There are issues with this site’s HTTPS configuration. ]"

I’m at a loss -

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:


Is that a partner setup? It looks like it to me… If it is, you may be best contacting your host about it.

What is your SSL mode set to in Cloudflare? You appear to have a Let’s Encrypt certificate so it should be Full (strict).


Hey, Thanks for getting in touch. - SSL is set to Strict/Full and cloud flare was setup by myself. I never has any issues when using Wordpress but for some reason cloudflare doesn’t like the way NationBuilder have their software set up :frowning:


What Cloudflare plan are you on? Maybe someone else has an idea.

I am confused by the DNS records shown and the fact that I see your Let’s Encrypt certificate rather than a CF one if it is a direct setup with CF…

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