Issues with uploading images

I have the exact same problem as this guy: WordPress Image Upload Error Post-Processing of the Image Failed - #3 by rob96res

I have narrowed the issue down to Cloudflare with the help of my host. Setting CF in developer mode does not solve the issue, but pointing the domain to my hosts ns instead of CF solves the issue with uploading images.

This issue just started happening out of nowhere around 1-2 weeks ago. So yeah, definitely something up with CF that needs to be addressed.

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Anyone? I had to stop using Cloudflare because of this. Not getting any help from support either.

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Idk if you still need the help or if this will fix it, but try to Whitelist your Ip in Cloudflare in the firewall.

Go to Firewall>Overview copy the IP address that is yours down the page.

Go to tools paste Ip and allow it to your website.

If this not help.

You can use Add From Server Plugin, upload your Image into your upload directory in your FTP where your Images are and then go to Wordpress and Add new media>Add from Server and select the image.

Hope this helps.

Hi! I still haven’t received any help from CF. Their support is really slow. Even sent them the HAR file but they just asked me again to send a HAR file lol. I’ll try your solution. Very much appreciated!

May I ask how big file (size - kb, mb …) the image you are trying to upload is?

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