Issues with subdomains


Disclaimer, I have about as much experience with networking/domains as a new rock (by the offchance an old rock could protentially have SOME knowledge).

My issue is that I can’t access or even ping any subdomains I make. And I can’t figure out how to even start to troubleshoot. So before I can actually tell what’s wrong I need help on how to figure out what even is wrong to begin with.

I ended up here on Cloudflare by watching some Unraid guides and how to make dockers secure over internet. Always had it running locally before so never was an issue. Followed some tutorials and got Cloudflare set up. But no matter the subdomain I make it’s as if it doesn’t exist. Figured I probably have screwed something up and decided to just get a new domain to test with before braking everything I currently have.But no, I should’ve guessed it wasn’t as simple as getting a new domain.

Was prompted with running a diagnostic before making a topic and there seems to be no issues (apart from “no_redirect_to_https”, “mx records” and “slow_ttfb_on_cache” which also errors without subdomain which works).

Any guidlines on how to proceed is appriciated, thank you.

Hello there,

Thanks for posting here. Have you added subdomain in the Cloudflare DNS. Without managing DNS record for subdomain, it wouldn’t work. Suppose, if you have already added, make sure it is proxied :orange:

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