Issues with subdomain which was hosted previously with zendesk


We’ve made some changes to a subdomain and noticed a very strange bug: if the domain is not proxied through Cloudflare it reaches our A record fine, however, as soon we turn proxing on, it reaches Zendesk instead of our servers as setup.

It appears this subdomain used to be used for Zendesk historically and despite being moved to another domain, it looks like they’ve used Cloudflare SaaS and the records have persisted (incorrectly) and is taking precedence over our own records/control on the domain itself.

Turning off proxying again does resolve this, but we need this for our use case.

Seems like two bugs:

  • Cloudflare: not giving us the ultimate control over our DNS - Even if we wanted to override Zendesk
  • Zendesk: not cleaning up their Cloudflare SaaS records when a domain is changed

Please see Twitter thread for more detail on this:

Please help!

This is an issue we see a lot here, there are some solutions here. The quickest way is to use Liberate the Hostname.


Thanks mate, absolutely legend.

Liberate domain solved the issue

The real legends here are @albert and @matteo who made the tool and fixed countless domains that no one else wanted to :sweat_smile:.

Glad it’s sorted for you now, anyway.


To update on this, our Tweet got picked up by the former product manager for Cloudflare SaaS and we’ve heard they’re hoping to release a fix for this issue in the next week now :tada:.

Source: [twitter]/dinasaur_404/status/1612512856536412160

This has been going on for years so I’ll believe it when I see it but hopefully soon!

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