Issues with Simulcasting to Youtube

Recently our church have changed from using Reastreamio to Cloudflares Stream solution, and Cloudflare has worked great but there are some issues that we run into
After inputing the RTMPS settings for YouTube, I start streaming and it works great, same with the second time I stream, but the after that if I start a stream I get an issue where YouTube would receive the signal but won’t stream the video, and it would say “No Data” while other socials are Simulcasting flawlessly.
So what I end up doing is deleting the RTMPS settings for YouTube and configure it again in CloudFlares “Stream > Live Input” with the same RTMPS and Stream Key, only then it works, and also sometimes Cloudflare lowers the video bitrate and I get a warning notification in YouTube Live Studio saying to raise my video bitrate, normally I stream at 1080p ~5000kpbs
I don’t know if this issue is on YouTubes side or CloudFlares

Anyways thanks for reading, would love to hear some suggestions, would be great if I can fix these issues