Issues with sessions in GA4 while using zaraz

I have noticed multiple issues with sessions in GA4 after integrating zaraz in our web app.

  1. Very low “Engaged Sessions”. Most of our paid campaigns shows 0 engaged sessions in GA4. But that’s not true, In real time dashboard, I can clearly see users navigating to different pages. But still GA4 shows 0 engaged sessions in Traffic Acquisition report. I have read a similar thread in this community about engagement time issue with zaraz GA4 integration.

Is there any workaround for this? (Manually triggering user_engagement)

  1. Large number of “session_start” events. Looks like session_start event is fired for every event for the first time. Is that how it really works?
  • I’m loading zaraz manually.
  • I have turned off GA4 Enhanced Measurements.

GA4 Engagement is based on a client-side event that is sent when users navigate off a page or change a page. Zaraz doesn’t support GA4 automatic events, atm. If you need this metric, a potential workaround would be to create a timer trigger, to send automatic events every x milliseconds. It’s not 1-to-1, and I didn’t test if it works, but it’s worth trying. [GA4] User engagement - Analytics Help (edited)

If you need help setting it up feel free to reach out directly.

I tried using a timer trigger to send a user_engagement event every 10 seconds, but it didn’t see to affect the reporting in GA4. Is this what you had in mind?

Turns out that did actually do something and there was just some reporting lag. However, at least the way I did it, things got weird. My average engagement time has been getting higher and higher every day starting at a couple of hours (up from 0), now approaching 12 hours (wouldn’t that be great).

I’ll disable for now, but if anybody has any other ideas, I’d love to hear!