Issues with sessions in GA4 while using zaraz

I have noticed multiple issues with sessions in GA4 after integrating zaraz in our web app.

  1. Very low “Engaged Sessions”. Most of our paid campaigns shows 0 engaged sessions in GA4. But that’s not true, In real time dashboard, I can clearly see users navigating to different pages. But still GA4 shows 0 engaged sessions in Traffic Acquisition report. I have read a similar thread in this community about engagement time issue with zaraz GA4 integration.

Is there any workaround for this? (Manually triggering user_engagement)

  1. Large number of “session_start” events. Looks like session_start event is fired for every event for the first time. Is that how it really works?
  • I’m loading zaraz manually.
  • I have turned off GA4 Enhanced Measurements.

GA4 Engagement is based on a client-side event that is sent when users navigate off a page or change a page. Zaraz doesn’t support GA4 automatic events, atm. If you need this metric, a potential workaround would be to create a timer trigger, to send automatic events every x milliseconds. It’s not 1-to-1, and I didn’t test if it works, but it’s worth trying. [GA4] User engagement - Analytics Help (edited)

If you need help setting it up feel free to reach out directly.