Issues with reconnecting my Domain to squarespace

Hi, I am trying to reconnect my domain from cloudflare with squarespace. I had to renew my domain name on namecheap and ever since then (after refreshed the nameservers on cloudflare) it still is saying there is errors on my squarespace website. And my cloudflare account which has been saying pending nameserver update for 2 days now.
would it be possible for you to check the data from my squarespace site and cloudflare DNS?

May I ask what is your domain name?
Has the domain expired or entered into a “grace” period maybe?

Kindly, log into your Namecheap account and under Manage my domain find section “nameservers”.

Re-check if in case they were reverted back to default’s Namecheap or a Parking page, if so and if needed, please change them to the required as it is stated in your Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name.

Example of above stated as follows on the screenshots from below:

The domain did expire however i have renewed it on namecheap

Nameservers seems to me that are “reverted back to old ones” to Namecheap one’s:

;ANSWER 3600 IN NS 3600 IN NS 3600 IN NS 3600 IN NS

I see this so far for now (maybe a parking page):

Most likely, the issue is related to the DNS propagation. It is caused by the domain’s DNS zone change and may take up to 24-48 hours to be completed.

Again, kindly re-check for the nameservers if they are correctly entered under your domain name and update them accordingly to point to the one’s which you see in the Cloudflare dashboard.

See the instructions at the link from below how to change your nameservers for your domain at your domain registrar (Namecheap):

This is from namecheap, these are the same nameservers on my cloudflare account

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If recently, changed, we might have to wait for few hours.

I will keep an eye and check, and post back here as soon as I see them appearing online.

Otherwise, you would have to contact Namecheap support and re-check with them, but let’s just wait for a bit more :slight_smile:

Thank you for your patience in advance

ok thankyou so much!

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has anything changed?

I am sorry to say, unfortunately no :roll_eyes: :disappointed_relieved:

I would recommend writing to a Namecheap support (login into your account / Namecheap dashboard, look up for “Chat”, send message, your domain name and support pin) to resolve this issue with your domain name renew process/configuration of nameservers.

They should be able to troubleshoot and fix the issue. It’s not the Cloudflare one.

Nevertheless, have you had your domain connected to a Squarespace before it expired?
If so, maybe you might need to contact Squarespace if so, as something with nameservers is going on here.

Furthermore, regarding Squarespace and Cloudflare:

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Is it possible for you to check the DNS settings on clouldflare and sqaurespace for me? I dont really know how to make the info on sqaure space correct

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Okay, now I do see, something changed finally or it was due to DNS propagation:

;ANSWER 21600 IN NS 21600 IN NS

Should it look like this?:

If so, kindly do not change anything now and let us wait for few more hours just to make sure DNS propagation is completed and finished as it has to be.

Later on, we can check and adjust what you need :slight_smile:

Currently, I see your domain is using Cloudflare nameservers and as it seems to me, the returned content is not proxied :orange: via Cloudflare, rather returned directly from Squarespace.

  • server: Squarespace

Which makes me wonder, have you got the DNS record:

  • A and
  • A www

Both set to :grey: (DNS-only) at the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain? Can you confirm this one?

  • or rather the CNAME if not the A

Or maybe the option Pause Cloudflare for this site is being temporary enabled.

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