Issues with Proxies and Blluehost

After speaking with Bluehost support, they stated that there is an issue with Cloudflare’s proxies. My site does not load when Cloudflare proxies are being used, but loads when they are disabled and point directly to the Bluehost server IP.

I use Cloudflare on a separate website of mine, also using Bluehost, and have none of these issues.

I am average at best with my knowledge around this subject, so any advise is very much appreciated!


What is the site?

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Thank you, that loads ok for me and I see the DNS A record is :grey: at the moment, what error do you receive if you proxy :orange: that record? (You may want to clear browser cache and/or try a different browser, incognito mode, or mobile device. )

I just reenabled proxies on all items that had an “A” next to them. Site is now not loading again. Dont receive any specific error message on numerous browsers, just simply that the site cant be loaded. I’ll leave it this way for 30min if you’re able to go to the site again to experience the issue. Thanks!

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I’d had the site open in another browser window and noticed it refreshed with the images (that I did not see earlier) and it loads ok now with images in place. You can :orange: the www record as well, I get an nxdomain error on

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Strange. I’ve cleared my browsers and refreshed and am getting a standard “cant access this site” message. When using firefox I DO get a “The page isn’t redirecting properly” message.

Not sure if that specific message is a clue or not…

Just noticed a message on the safari browser that states “Load cannot follow more than 20 redirections”. Screenshot attached.

I am getting a too many redirects message in safari, are you using wordpress?

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Yes, I am.

Good tip on that too many redirects here, check the note on wordpress and flexible, it links to a detailed blog

If you do not have a certificate on the origin, I’d generate a self-signed certificate from the Cloudflare dash and switch your ssl setting to Full.

Set ssl here,

Create an origin certificate here,

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Unfortunately that feels a little bit outside my ability at the moment, until I have more time to look over the instructions and understand more clearly.

If I turn off proxy again, am I basically bypassing Cloudflare and that’s why it works?

Thanks so much for your time!

yes, that is also exposing the origin IP (which is what happens if you were not using Cloudflare). Generating the cert is fairly easy, but you are correct, you do want to spend time in the docs to plan your approach. A quick easy solution is to leave proxy :orange: in place, flip ssl to Full or Full (strict) to see if it fails, if not that says you have a suitable cert on the origin server (your host) and are good to go. Let us know how you progress or if you need help, we’re here all the time.

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Great. Thanks again!

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Hello! Approximately the same problem, users can only log in through vpn

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