Issues with origin certificate

I am having an odd issue with the following setup. I am using Cloudflare’s origin certificate on a dedicated server that is running NGiNX server. The way this works is the following:


I have the SSL certificate installed on the SSL TERMINATION server which is also running NGiNX and it runs fine when I have it set directly. But the moment I set it to be PROXIED in Cloudflare’s settings, it errors out as being an invalid SSL certificate.

What am I doing wrong? I copied the private key and certificate and pasted them into the NGiNX config files.

May I ask have you selected Full (Strict) SSL option from SSL/TLS tab at Cloudflare dashboard?

Is this “SSL Termination” kind of a call it “relay”, or better say Load balancer between the Cloudflare and origin dedicated server?

  • User → Cloudflare → SSL termination server (having Cloudflare Origin SSL cert here or some other SSL cert here?) → Dedicated server (Nginx, etc. - having Cloudflare Origin SSL cert here or some other SSL cert here?)

Or better to ask, this is what you have?:

Sorry for asking, but I haven’t used this kind of a setup yet so far with Nginx so I am also being curious here :slight_smile:

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