Issues with newly added site

Hi there,

I recently moved my site to Cloudflare. Everything was operating fine, but now my site is completely in Japanese (I believe) and unable to be used. Screen shot attached.

Does anyone have any idea what I might’ve done wrong?



What’s the domain?

I’d love to run a query on Cloudflare’s Discourse database and find out how often that very phrase appears :wink:


so sorry - it’s

You have a mixed content issue (for more on that you need to use the search) but apart from that your site loads fine. Try clearing your cache and restart the browser, respectively try it with other browsers as well.

The host I previously used said my site appeared hacked - is it loading fine for you? I have tried it on several different devices and it’s showing a totally different Japanese site but the URL doesn’t change.

Yes, I’m not sure you’re seeing it then - the site is definitely compromised as you can see from my screenshot.

Can you post the output of




should i just post that into google or?

Hi @rmbantel, just add the output of those commands to this thread.

Edit: Now I see the correct content and not the content in Japanese for Mitsuboshi Sangyo Ltd.

It’s in Japanese on iOS Safari. I bet it’s hacked and there’s something bad in the header.

On www or the naked domain? HTTP or HTTPS? Right now it doesnt resolve to Cloudflare any longer though.

Http naked domain. Mobile troubleshooting is sure cumbersome.

Dont tell me you are on a we-do-fullscreen-only :wink: platform :grimacing:

Does it also resolve to an .82 address for you?

I’m not sure where i’m supposed to get an output from - need clarification there.

As I mentioned in the beginning - the site has definitely been hacked.

This is my first time creating a site I added it to Cloudflare and then this happened so I immediately took it off.

Do you have any suggestions of how i could rectify this?

In your system’s command line.

I wouldnt be so sure yet.

We need to know which values you get on your system, so you have to execute it there, not on some online service.