Issues with Nameservers

I have an issue with my site “”. I cannot use or add another staging site. I reach tech support and they said this:

“Thank you for waiting. I think I found the issue. Since your nameservers are with Cloudflare you have to go there and add an A record that points to the same place as your other stagings and actual domain, the same IP. Since you haven’t done this, the staging copy cannot work. After you go and add an A record for that, you will be fine :)”

Can you help me about this? Thanks

Just go to Cloudflare dashboard - DNS tab
to add new DNS records for staging.

Hi @mark.erasquin, you may have already reviewed this #Tutorials, if not, it’s a good place to start after your :search: this site for similar posts, Adding DNS Records, this has come up before and there are a lot of similar posts with suggestions to try.

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