Issues with MX records

I’m hosting a NodeJs server running ExpressJs. I’m not receiving emails and I have no idea what the issue is coming from. I have spent the past few days searching for a solution but to no avail. I’m going to list all of my steps for setup to see if anyone finds anything blatantly wrong.

My DNS list

I’m using smtp-server for receiving emails.

const SMTPServer = require('smtp-server').SMTPServer;

const mailServer = new SMTPServer({
    onData(stream, session, callback) {
        stream.on('end', callback);

mailServer.listen(25, () => {
    console.log('Listening for mail..');

I have port forwarded port 25 on my router

However when I send an email using gmail to [email protected] nothing shows up in the console

  1. You will have to send it to @thebox1, not @mail.thebox1.
  2. Either your service is not running or the forwarding does not work ->

The issue seems to lie with my router, it tells me it is forwarding the port but it isn’t.

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