Issues with mail DNS setup

Hi guys, I’m one of the co-founders of and we’ve recently setup cloudflare for us. After changing our nameservers, we noticed on our apps that we stopped recieving emails and also we couldn’t send them anymore.

This we found out we can only see the new emails coming and sending through our CPanel, so for now that’s what we’ve been working with as we try to figure out how to solve our problems to being able to use apps again to recieve and send new emails.

I’ve been follow your tutorial on the subject, and seen a few posts in here where I tried to follow up the steps to solve this, but it never worked. Here is a screenshot of my DNS dash

I hope you guys can help us.

PS: We used to have a CNAME with the name mail, and a A with the name webmail, but I saw someone suggesting to have just an A with the name mail pointing to the IP…

One of your MX records points to your root domain, which is set to :orange:. That’s not advisable, so I suggest you remove that one.

If any of your mail settings point to the root domain, change it to the ‘mail’ subdomain. That server responds to SMTP and POP (that’s all I tried).

Hi sdayman,

Thank you very much for the reply. It seems like this worked for me :smile:

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