Issues with Google Indexing my Podcast

A few weeks ago, I switched my DNS to CloudFlare for HTTPS, because GoDaddy charges an astronomical amount for this.

Ever since then, I’ve been having random issues with my podcast, but only on Google.

Currently, the podcast is there, but it seems the name is wrong - in Google Podcast Manager, it’s listed as “Podcast | DanielHillMedia” instead of “The Instagram Stories Podcast”.

Everywhere else (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) it’s correct.

The feed address is :

How can I fix this???

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Thank you!!!

If you are saying you still do not have an SSL certificate on your server, then I am afraid your site is naturally still insecure. You do need one on your server, Cloudflare cannot cover that.

Hi Sandro,

Thanks for the reply. Why do I need an SSL certificate for my blog?

Because SSL is required for encyption.

How should your site be secure if your server does not have a certificate and serves everything via HTTP?

OK. So if I add the SSL certificate, how would that resolve my original question?

Let’s take one step at a time. First make sure HTTPS is working.

I appreciate your suggestion, but from everything I’m reading, CloudFlare doesn’t work well with podcast providers. Are you aware of a resolution for that?

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