Issues with email


Trying to get my mail to work thru Cloudflare. Having issues so I contacted my host.

Host responded:

I have made a dns lookup for directly to one of the name servers set for - AUSTIN.NS.Cloudflare.COM - and the results returned by this name server indicate there is no such record in the domain’s DNS zone.

Please contact the Cloudflare support team for further assistance regarding the case. Unfortunately we cannot tell why are the records created in their system not operational.

I added the A record yesterday along with MX record pointing to the mail address. Server 24 hrs later was not able to see anything. I turned the A record grey cloud, and that did not either. Not really sure how to solve this one at this point. Can someone be kind enough to give me a hand?

You have an MX record for your domain that points to the ‘mail’ subdomain, but there’s no DNS record for: mail

I created A record for “mail” subdomain pointing to my IP on Cloudflare. Is that what you’re referring to?

It’s not showing up. Did you add this “A” record in the DNS section of the Cloudflare dashboard?

Yes you can see in above screenshot. I’ve had this added now for 3 days. I had grey clouded the record to see if that would fix anything but it didn’t change anything. I reactivated a couple hours before your initial message response to me. I was told it shouldn’t take more then 3-4 hours to resolve at most.

It should only say ‘mail’, without the domain, just as the www entry does. And be set to :grey:, as Cloudflare doesn’t proxy mail.

Ok I corrected to only say mail and have grey clouded it. Would you be kind enough to check for me now?

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