Issues with email forwarding on my domain

My website is and I tried the basic email forwarding. I am currently running on CF https:/./

I cannot seem to get it to work. IN fact everything is automated on CF I didn’t have to do anything other than click install.

While on GoDaddy I could not any email yet because it says the DNS is not managed by them.

This is what I have on Google


I do have the txt too.

If I cannot have any email forwarded by tomorrow to my other email address then I will have to leave CF. OR should the step be add email address first on GoDaddy. I need the email that bad.

You have a great Product here, we are a startup and we do have goals, which means we do need to expand someday and have some of them automated by your apps(which mean we will be buying this time around), you guys have great products. But if I cannot have email then, I will have to skip for now. We hope you will have this working.

You have not activated your domain on Cloudflare yet, so nothing you do in Cloudflare currently has any effect.

You need to change the name servers with your registrar to activate your Cloudflare account.

Once you have activated your domain on Cloudflare, the MX records you have put in place will start to work.


naah already did that, I just ran it back again, you can check here again

I was trying to fix something with godaddy but it didn’t work

Cloudflare is not responsible for email delivery, which is what this thread is about. Your DNS shows the MX records you entered. Inbound mail will go to forward-mx. Now it’s up to them to make sure it is handled correctly.

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It turns out that I am now able to receive emails with any. Although I have another problem now. But this has worked like a charm now. Wordpress is not changing my admin email just yet so, this is I think is now a WP issue.

How do I close this?

Thanks, I did not get their website, I was pretty sure it was there. What is their website please?

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