Issues with Domains Recently Transferred to Cloudflare

I transferred two domains to Cloudflare a few days ago. One from Godaddy and one from

Both of them still show A records from the old registrar. Both of them have CNAME pointing to GroovePages.

The one from Godaddy reports a 525 SSL Handshake Error.
The one from shows a 403 Forbidden error.

There’s no way to submit a ticket because Cloudflare requires diagnostics prior to submitting and the diagnostics process is never ending.

If you post the actual domain names, we can check on them.

chippaschal redirects to HTTPS, then shows a GoDaddy parking page.
paschalmarketing redirects to HTTPS, then shows the 403 forbidden error.

Did both of these sites work with HTTPS before you added them to Cloudflare?

No. That’s why I transferred them. I hoped that the Cloudflare to Groovepages integration would work better without a third-party domain registrar involved.

I’m replying again to make sure this stays open until it is resolved.

Looks like this is worked out, @chip, let us know if other questions come up.


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