Issues with DNS


I have a subdomain created on Cloudflare which is linked to a cPanel account. When I visit a link other than the main directory, the page will work, but when visiting the root, it gives me a redirect loop. I have nothing in my home directory that would cause this and the DNS settings are all set up correctly.

Can anyone tell me what is going on here?




It’s a HTTP to HTTPS and back loop. Quite often, this is because Cloudflare is connecting to your site with one protocol, but your site has a redirect to the other one.

What’s your SSL setting here at Cloudflare? It should be either Flexible or Full

The SSL setting is set to Flexible.

You have Cloudflare set to Always Use SSL which is a global setting, but then a page rule (applied only to the root) which attempts to disable SSL for a specific zone. The Always use https rule is a global one so that appears to be causing the loop.

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