Issues with DNS Setup from NameCheap/ClickFunnels

Hi all! I’m having issues with setting up CNAME from ClickFunnels and NameCheap. I keep getting error messages saying they already exist. I also want to make sure I setup the DNS records correctly from NameCheap.


Are you able to share your domain name?

Also, if you would like help with DNS records, a screenshot of them in the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard would be useful (you can mask any IPs).

Also, can you share details of what records you are trying to add?

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is the domain name

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Sorry for the delay, your setup with your host looks fine and all seems to be working correctly with Cloudflare.

You get the message when you try to add that record due to the fact that @ is shorthand for Hence, the A record there would conflict with the record you are trying to add. You can’t have both… (On a different note, adding a CNAME on the root domain isn’t possible with DNS, so Cloudflare will flatten it to an A record).

Thank you! So what should I do then? I am new to all of this and was just following CloudFlare/Click Funnels instructional video…

You should be fine, I take it you are following this:

It is fine to create a CNAME for @, I was just letting you know about flattening.

You will have to delete the A record that is currently there for both www and to add the required CNAMEs. Presumably now you are using Clickfunnels, you don’t need these any more anyway.

Thank you! It all worked! Much appreciated!

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