Issues with DNS Records Sync Between Inmotionhosting and Cloudflare

Hello Community,

I’ve been facing an issue with syncing DNS records between Inmotionhosting and Cloudflare. Here’s what I did: I added my domain to Cloudflare for CDN, and it was supposed to automatically fetch DNS records from Inmotionhosting. After that, I updated the Cloudflare Nameservers with my registrar.

The problem is that although Inmotionhosting has 27 DNS records, Cloudflare is only showing one. I’ve tried removing and re-adding the records multiple times over the past five days, but it’s still not working. Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Export the records from your current DNS provider and import them into Cloudflare. There is no sync function.

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Thanks for your quick response, we unable to export the 27 records rom the existing Service provider

Then you will need to manually add the records to Cloudflare.


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