Issues with DNS proxy status

I recently updated my client’s A records to point to the IP address of the new server. The records are resolving, but I noticed the A record with an asterisk for the name lists its proxy status as DNS Only. The TTL is set to Auto, which is the same as the second A record that uses the domain name. The second A record is proxied. Should I be concerned with the first A record not being proxied?


Unless you’re on an Enterprise plan, you can not proxy a wildcard DNS record.

If you want subdomains to be proxied, you will need to add an “A” or CNAME record for each one and set it to :orange: Proxied.


Thanks for reply.

This domain is on the free plan.

Would it be safe to remove the DNS Only record that is not proxied?

I plan on adding a subdomain that points to in the future.


Only if you replace it with specific hostnames that you want/need proxied. Including ‘www’.

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