Issues with DNS not working

I’m using Cloudflare on our, but I’m having issues adding a subdomain the correct way. I’ve done everything current at the hosting (they say its a Cloudflare issue) and have put in the information as seen here:

But just redirects to the livesite where as redirect to the correct page although the force SSL ain’t working. What can be the issue?

Cloudflare does not support such a deep level of hostnames on their universal certificates. If you have to have this configuration you will need to purchase a $10/month dedicated certificate.

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As for why isn’t working, if you set the record for blog to :grey:, does it still redirect? It could be triggered by a page rule or by a redirect on your server.

Ahh ok. But I suppose it will just be easier to do a redirect from the host then? I just need both to point at the same place

As long as that redirect happens on HTTP you are fine.

Maybe the issue is the “*” in my settings?

Can I just remove that one?

I might be a noob, but this would just be a single subdomain no? That should be supported as default

I am not sure what you mean. Can you rephrase that question?

If you want to use HTTPS on Cloudflare on such a deep level you need aforementioned certificate.

From Cloudflares blog ( “Those certificates include an entry for the root domain (e.g., as well as a wildcard entry for all first-level subdomains (e.g.,,, etc.).”.

So should be covered. But of cause not where I need to make a http redirect

Precisely, but that is what I already addressed two days ago. What is unclear?

That part is not unclear. The unclear thing is that my problem still exist. That don’t work. It just redirects to the root domain. If I set it to DNS-only it seems to go to the blog-page (with a warning about SSL) which then redirects to the root domain. And with also a proxy it goes straight to the rootdomain :l

It would appear that redirect comes straight from your server. You’d need to check there.

Yes, here we go


Also, you dont have a valid certificate for that host on your server. Because of that you cannot use “Full strict” as SSL mode on Cloudflare, which makes your site less secure.

Thanks Sandro, I finally figured out the SSL issue which is now solved with a dedicated certificate for custom hosts. However my weird Wordpress redirect still happens. I’ve deleted Wordpress at the subdomain but it STILL redirects with this same message. How come Wordpress can make a 301 redirect when Wordpress doesn’t even exist on the target domain? It must be something on the server-level no?

Was the 301 redirect from a page rule?

About the certificate, the naked domain and “www” look good now, however the certificate does not include “blog”, hence still a warning. You might want to get a wildcard certificate issued from Lets Encrypt in this case.

As for your issue, it still is the same server issue as mentioned in my last response. Something redirects all “blog” requests to your naked domain. That could be within Wordpress, but also simply within your server configuration (e.g. .htaccess). Also, “blog” reacts differently on HTTP and HTTPS. You’ll need to have a thorough look at that configuration.

Theres no warning here and the certificate should include both “blog” and “”. http gives a 307 redirect to the 301 redirect, which of cause still exists. Just weird as I’ve deleted any htaccess file in the subdomain-folder. But I’ll try to investigate a bit more

You might refer to the certificate on Cloudflare, which is a wildcard certificate and includes “blog”. The certificate on your server however does not.

As for the redirects. HTTP returns a 200, but then performs some weird redirections. HTTPS still returns a 301 to your naked domain.

I am afraid I can only repeat what I wrote earlier, you need to check that server configuration.

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