Issues with DNS not responding

Hello Cloudflare Community,

i am using cloudlfare namerservers.
How do i get cloudflare to scan and add the existing dns records automatically?
I just created a cdn pullzone and storage on and added those came records to cloudflare and suddenly DNS servers are not returning any A record.
What could have gone wrong? Since i see only the freshly added dns record fron, i am assuming th eissue is becasue cloudflare is not reading other DNS records - that could be causig the problem.
All guidance in thisamtter will bve greatly appreciated.

Cloudflare will offer to do this when you first add the site to Cloudflare. I think you can re-trigger the process using the API but haven’t looked at details.

Note that not all records may not be added as Cloudflare can only try potential subdomains (it tries a lot of common ones) and record types to find those that exist and add those. Any records that Cloudflare does not look for you will need to add manually.

If your current provider offers a way to export your records, you can import them as a file into Cloudflare…

If you are having DNS problems, you can show a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS records to see if people can help.

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thanks it worked, i filled th records manually.

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