Issues With Cloudflare Nameservers switching to Cloudflare Nameservers

So… Been having this issue since Friday. Was moving my WebHosting to Hostinger. Given that they’re a partner of Cloudflare, they had asked me to unlink my account here at Cloudflare and click a cloudflare link in Hostinger so they could manage my DNS. This actually failed. So, I re-added my domain back to this cloudflare account (so I can just manage the DNS from here). However…

At some point during this, I was asked to:

Remove these nameservers:


  1. Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers

Nameserver 1
Nameserver 2

This should be pretty simple, but it seems Cloudflare doesn’t have this feature to do it myself. So, I made a support ticket - explain pretty much what I have just here - assuming that Cloudflare (my registar) could change their nameservers to their other nameservers… Here is the response I got:


Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Registrar Support.

Regarding your inquiry about the ability to move domains from one Cloudflare account to another; at this time, it is not possible.

We know this is an important feature and our engineering team is already aware and planning on how to support it. Once this is ready, we will inform all customers.

Cloudflare Registrar will only ever charge you what we pay to the registry for your domain. No markup. No surprise fees.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we can assure you we are working diligently to enhance our services.

Best regards,

Mianmian | Cloudflare Support Engineer

This is a pain as it means I now, cannot edit my DNS settings anywhere as the nameservers are incorrect.

I’ve tried to reiterate my case that I was not moving accounts, but it is falling on deaf ears and It has been radio silent from them for 48 hours. I assume that my request is simply impossible here.

So… Is my only option to Transfer my domain registar to another provider? If so, does anyone have any recommendations for a free alternative to cloudflare. Or (preferably), does anyone know how to fix this issue here?

All support is appreciated.


Can you post that ticket number? A domain registered in a specific account here can operate within that specific account. Using Cloudflare name servers shouldn’t be an issue if it’s all within the same account.

@cloonan might be able to track down the domain in question, but the ticket number would make it much easier.



Ticket ID is #2038319

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Hi @dboake, sorry for the issues with this. A cloudflare account sometimes has two different sets of name servers assigned to various domains, but an account should never have two different sets of nameservers assigned to the same domain. Do you recall when and why you set them to kip & ophelia?

I’ve added myself to your ticket and keep an eye on progress.

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Kip and Ophelia were what I was asked to assign these nameservers too when I first transfered my domain to Cloudflare at appoximately March 2020. (at the time, my domain was due for renewal in May and my old webhost contract was coming to and end and I was going to move away anyway (now). I assume I did this though iPage (my old host and where the domain was being held)).

It was only during the last few days when I’ve tried to get my site working with Hostinger that it asked to unlink (Remove Site From Cloudflare) and use cloudflare through them (they had a shiny button) but this failed for some reason as they would not let me use my domain settings (additional note: I see now that this was pointless, I should have just changed the A/CNAME to get this website back online).

Anyway, with this failure, I decided to Re-Add my Site to Cloudflare (to change these DNS settings) and that is when cloudflare’s site desired me to change these nameservers to Dina and Vicki.

And that’s now where I’m stuck.

(I’ve now cancelled my hosting with hostinger as it’s fairless useless as I can’t point the domain at the host atm and I may as well get my full years from them when this issue is sorted). Edit: At no point could I change my dns/nameservers settings with Hostinger.

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o, bumping this as nothing appears to be happening. Recap:

0 hours - Ticket Opened (Saturday).
~6 hours later - Cloudflare respond (as per post 1).
~6 hours later - I responded claiming that the issue wasn’t what they thought.
~24 hours later - I made an additional repsponce, hoping to broaden my options on how to solve the issue.
~24 hours later - I made this thread.
~48 hours later - Cloudflare have not yet responded to my issue. (not even to say that they’re investigating it).

So - its now been 4 days radio silence which has occured after a (I’d deem quick) 6 hours initial responce to the original issue. While @cloonan has stated above that this is an odd issue that shouldn’t have occured, I would have thought the remaning of nameservers seems a little trivial (i.e., Cloudflare have this ( guide on how to do it for 35 different Registrars (Cloudfire is absent from the list)).

This is making me wonder if:

  • Do replies to tickets not ger as much priority as original tickets. As such, should I start a brand new ticket?
  • Is 4+ days actually their average to respond to issues and I am just being impatient about the lack of response (I am on the free tier afterall).
  • Is it worth me adding to the current ticket, or is that simply going to throw me to the back to the queue.
  • Are they actually working on this but just not said anything? I wouldn’t know how to determine if this the case.

While my website is hardly important (I am a mod-maker for a game - this website is basically my development blog, download and information page for the mods) It would be nice to try and get the site up and running again.

  • Is it worth at this stage to look into other registrars (my domain is due for renewal again come May. I could transfer it to say, “” (no idea who they are, they’re the first in the google search. Would need to research them more).
    • if this is the case, does anyone have any recommendations?
    • is this actually worthless because another registrar may want me to change my nameservers before the move is complete and I’d have to wait 4+ days for Cloudflare to do this is as we cannot do it ourselves?

I am just feeling in limbo here and wondered if anyone has any insights as to what is going on?

Thanks all


Please don’t do that as it just consumes time and the newer ticket will probably age at the same rate as your current one, so the current one is going to get looked at first.

It does not affect position. Updates along the way are actually helpful as when the agent gets to it, they have the most up to date information.

It does ebb and flow based on ticket volume. I was seeing as long as a week over the summer. I’m on a different timezone than the tech that helped you but I did just flag your ticket for the team on call at the moment.


Thanks Cloonan :slight_smile: Everything was fixed this morning! :smiley: This was probably me just being impatient after all being unfamiliar with Cloudflare’s response times.

If anyone else stumbles on this in the future, don’t push shiny Cloudflare buttons on hostinger. Just make the two ‘A’ DNS records to redirect. It’s 5 days quicker :smiley:


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