Issues with cache. Speed load 1.2s for an image

I checked my website and it’s something I don’t understand. The cash for objects (images) is HIT but the loading time is very high. For one image for example it’s 1.2s load time.

How to improve this speed loading. When I set up cache for this website the items used to load in less than 100ms
Here is the test result from GTMetrix

It shows HIT, but no Age header. That tells me it came from tiered caching, which may have had a slow connection. My test wasn’t quite as slow, but local edge cache was much faster on the next try:

So what would be a solution to load it faster? The main issue I see is the waitting time too.

“In general, a high TTFB and multiple long purple bars are tell-tale signs of a struggling server”
Why are CF server struggling?
Are there any settings that can be done in CF in order to avoid this long waitting time of 1.2 s?
Are somewhere a comprehensive explanation of how Cloudflare cash can be set up with best performance results?

Seems GTMetrix result expired but tested with and reason is your TTFB for HTML page is slow. Read why HTML is slow and how to improve TTFB on Cloudflare on my guide at Improving Time To First Byte (TTFB) With Cloudflare

535ms TTFB on 5Mbps cable speed desktop Chrome browser test is considered slow. If it was slow 3G mobile test, then 535ms probably would be expected but not for 5Mbps cable speed connection test.

Slow TTFB + render blocking resource will delay loading of rest of your page’s resources.

You seem to have Cloudflare Rocket Loader blocking stuff too, disable it as it’s known to slow Google Core Web Vital relevant metrics

Thank you eva2000 for the comprehensive reply.
I use a shared host and 500-600ms take the server to compile the entire page and deliver. I know that TTFB is directly related to origin server and I’m thinking how cache it too. So thank you for the material I will read, it has a lot of links inside as well
The main question was related with the images that load very slow and especially take very long waiting time and I think it is due to Network Prioritization as long as I’m on free plan.
Eva, can you help me with workers for setting up different cache for logged in users?
I also need some hints/help as well for page rules for Rochet Loader (I read on CF that it’s useful for JS/CSS but need some page rules for). Do you have some link where better explain how to use Rocket Loader?