Issues with brand new domain & Cloudflare SSL certificate...more than 24hrs


Hi everyone. First post in the community…

I’m having issues using a domain I bought at godaddy, changed nameservers to Cloudlfare, and trying to use for a custom site on Kajabi.

The background:

Kajabi is an online course platform where you can build products. I built a product but want a branded domain. I bought a domain through godaddy. (domain is Kajabi “requires that all custom domains use SSL security via CloudFlare.” Step 1 is to change nameservers…I did that. Step 2 is to add a CNAME record…I did that. Step 3 is to enable SSL in Cloudflare by checking “crypto” tab and look for “Active Certificate” on the page…did that but NO "Active Certificate. Its been over 24 hours (about 40 now) and still nothing. I contacted Cloudflare support and got the following email (screenshot attached).

That confused me a little but when I read “origin source” in the email I figured it had something to do with Godaddy. So I called them. They mentioned 'hosting" over the phone; that I needed to deal with the hosting first. But in my head “Kajabi is the host, they need Cloudflare to ‘work’, it’s not because of the ‘origin source’ which is Godaddy (you), but now you’re telling me it’s them (the host).” This feels like some sort of paradox and if you’re not confused by my post PLEASE help. Any direction/advice welcome. Thank you so much in advance!


Nevermind. The highlighted text in the screenshot fixed EVERYTHING…

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