Issues with a domain name's DNS change to Cloudflare not being recognised by Cloudflare

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum so good to meet you all.

I have a domain name that I’ve set up on Cloudflare that has been working for ages now, months in fact, everything was fine until this morning when it disappeared off my account.

I remember Cloudflare sending emails that the name servers still needed to be changed to and which I obviously did, and I thought it was odd that it kept emailing me to ask for that DNS change for a while when I had already done it and it was actually working on Cloudflare.

After re-adding the domain to Cloudflare this morning along with all of the zone records it all came back up again.

Is there any reason why a domain that has clearly had it’s name servers changed at the registry to Cloudflare’s is not recognised as such by the Cloudflare control panel?

The domain name is:

As I don’t want Cloudflare to drop this domain again and face the embarrassment of the client’s services going down how can we fix this please?

I am assuming that Cloudflare are querying a top level DNS server that hasn’t seen the change on 1&1s registry yet but I changed it months ago.

Hope you can help.



You wrote “zeta” instead of “zita” :). Thats why your domain was never recognised as properly set up by Cloudflare. Correct that and you should be fine.


OMG you’re right. Wow, so simple a fix. Thanks ever so much Sandro.

So I just changed it at the registry and clicked "recheck NAmeservers on the Cloudflare control panel so fingers crossed it’s going to work this time.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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