Issues when moving between cloudflare accounts

We have a customer whose domain provider changed them over to new Cloudflare nameservers for some unknown reason, we have had them moved back at the registrar but the domain is still using their settings and showing as moved from ours. From reading forum posts we need to get the other nameservers deleted but what happens if they won’t delete them? Currently the site is offline due to redirect errors or if we turn off the proxy the site goes live without SSL but comes up with warnings.
Why do Cloudflare still refer to the old Cloudflare nameservers not update to the ones in the registrar - its so frustrating as sometimes you cannot get hold of previous DNS provider to get them to delete their zones!

The domain will remain with the other account.

What I don’t get is, what does a domain provider have to do with changing Cloudflare NS? They aren’t the ones to tell you to change them, the registrar is the place to put them, nothing more.

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