Issues Using Subdomains with Ports and SSL on Node.js Behind Cloudflare

Hello everyone,

I am currently using Cloudflare to manage my domain and its subdomains. I have SSL enabled for all of them without any issues. However, I am facing a challenge when trying to use subdomains with specific ports in my Node.js application.

I am running my Node.js application on ports 3000, 3002 to 3005, but I am unable to access these subdomains with the ports specified. To make this work, I have had to disable the Cloudflare proxy and manually add a Zero SSL certificate for each project subdomain when using port with.

Is there a way to have SSL work on subdomains with specific ports while still using Cloudflare’s proxy? Any guidance or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

Cloudflare’s edge only listens on these ports (unless using Cloudflare Spectrum)…

If you can use a dedicated subdomain for each application port, you can use those without specifying the port in the request (so defaulting to 80/443) and tell Cloudflare to connect to your origin port 3000/2/5 using Origin Rules…

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okay, so as I can understand you are saying for my “” I have to use “” for an example right?

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