Issues using Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate and Cloudflare

What’s good, recently moved the domain and hosting of my website to get a shiny upgrade in performance and speed. And everything went smooth until I activated Cloudflare again on my website, then my website stopped working and started receiving the following error


Issued a ticket to the hosting provider and they said that I have only two options

1: Using the DNS from the hosting provider and their SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt
2: Using Cloudflare Free Certificate with their DNS

Is that real? I mean, by what they told me I understand there’s no way to get the Let’s Encrypt certificate working together with Cloudflare? I really want to take advantage of the cache / protection Cloudflare provides for free. It decreases a lot the page load-time…

I’m quite lost right now

Your let’s encrypt cert would still protect your origin, but Cloudflare is an SSL termination endpoint (have to be to inspect the traffic/ serve from cache, etc). So the free universal SSL cert would be served to your users and then if you configure your SSL/TLS to full any connection from CF to your origin would use your Let’s Encypt cert.

You could upload your Let’s Encrypt cert to Cloudflare if you are on the business plan or above if you were dead set on using your own on our edge.

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