Issues setting up CF Universal SSL

So I’m having issues getting Cloudflare’s Universal SSL certificate to work. It’s not working alltogether, even the www. subdomain. (It was working, like 5 minutes ago, but no longer.) It returns the “ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR” error. It only works over http. I’m using “Flexible”. I checked using SSL Checker, and it says it’s working, but it’s not. https just doesn’t work. I have Always Use HTTPS enabled.

You currently have a security issue.

Would that address the issues that I had to begin with? I’ve tried full but that still didn’t seem like it did anything. I don’t think it really matters until HTTPS starts working through CF because my hosting server doesn’t have Force HTTPS, and .htaccess causes this delay before loading the page

Your site needs to work on HTTPS without Cloudflare to begin with. Until that is not properly set up there’s little point even looking into Cloudflare.

It’s fully set up now, accessible with HTTPS, and CF is set to Strict. But it’s still using the R3 SSL certificate, rather than the CF SSL one, and Always redirect to HTTPS isn’t working. That’s enabled in the CF control panel.

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