Issues resolving `` A record for Notion site

Yesterday I created a new topic asking for help with the DNS configuration of the notion site of a course I’m teaching and askimet (the spam prevention bot) flagged my post as spam. The course is supposed to go live tomorrow and it’s not up yet, so I’m really distressed. Sorry for being this pushy, but i’m in a hurry.

Originally the topic contained three screenshots which I wasn’t allowed to post because I’m a new user, so I ended up linking to an imgur forlder with the three images.

tl;dr sorry for insisting, all I’m asking is for a mod to review and accept my question so I can get help :pray:

Thanks and sorry

Originally this was a post asking to unflag another one, but since it appears it has been deleted, I reproduced it here:

12 posts were merged into an existing topic: DNS issues with notion site