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We currently have our domain (www specialtouchcomputers com) registered with InMotion Hosting, with DNS name services directed to Cloudflare, and email services sent through Microsoft Exchange Online. We’ve been encountering issues related to our DNS records and would greatly appreciate your assistance in verifying that the correct records are configured within your system, or if any changes need to be made with the other companies’ systems involved in our hosting and DNS setup.

Some of the problems we’ve been experiencing include:

  1. Emails sent from our domain are frequently marked as spam when received by Gmail users.

  2. When attempting to set up our Exchange email in the Outlook desktop app, we encounter an issue stating ‘an encrypted connection to your mail server is not available.’

  3. Lastly, we are interested in creating PTR (reverse DNS) records and would appreciate guidance on how to proceed with this.

Any help you can provide to ensure the accuracy and smooth operation of our services would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

You are not publishing any M365 DKIM records. Using them won’t guarantee that your emails avoid Gmail spam filters, but they will ensure that receiving mailservers know the email is really from you.

The is little in the way of assistance that the Cloudflare Community can offer to address that. You are publishing a valid autodiscover CNAME. You can test further with Microsoft tools.

Unless you have a direct IP allocation or have been delegated a child zone you cannot do that with Cloudflare. You will need to contact the network operator that manages your IPs.

Normally you shouldn’t need to create any PTR when you use Microsoft 365 email. If you send email from other sources, you will want to update your SPF record to include their details.

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You are the man! thank you so much for the feedback and links. I will work on this tomorrow and post the update. Have a great night!

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