Issues pointing CNAME and A Records to WP Engine

Issues pointing CNAME and A Records to WP Engine.
Following the Manually Point DNS to WP Engine guide on their website.
I receive Error 1014 and Error 1000 while completing the configuration. I’m certain this is a common configuration which is why I am unsure as to why Cloudflare would not allow these to flow. Please advise if there is some exception from Cloudflare needed or additional changes not mention in the guide above.

Thank you!

That error suggest you did not correctly add your domain to your WP Engine site. WP Engine need to “allow” you to create records pointing to their addresses, which happens when you follow the steps to add your domain.

Did you follow the steps from “Before pointing your DNS”?


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The fix was slightly different then the guide I linked above.
Here was the final solution for WP Engine with Cloudflare

A @
A @

WP Engine support assisted with this resolution. Thanks for your reply!

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