Issues paying bill

@cloonan @sufi

I have exactly the same issue
We lost access to our account as our Dev partner wnt into adminsitration
There was an outstanding bill on the accountof circa $350
I couldnt pay it as the account was locked
I opened a ticket #3194863 and somebody called Bex Rodriguez replied
She very kindly unlocked our account so I could pay the outstanding
This was back on 21st March 2024
I then tried to by a $5 Stream subscription and it still keeps throwing up the same error
“Make payments for your unpaid invoices to proceed
Your account is locked due to unpaid invoices (Code: 1323)
There was an error enabling Stream”
That appears in a red banner
Since then I have heard from Justina Wong and Daniel Anselmo
The customer service I am getting is shocking :frowning:
I really want to upgrade to PRO to get a better level of service
But the system wont even let me do that
What do I have to do?
I am losing the will to live here
We have a mobile application that is on iOS App Store and Google Playt for Android and our users cant play videos in certain countires as a result of this which is causing huge customer services headaches
Pretty please with sugar on, can someone help
Or escalate to a better level of support
I am happy to pay extra no problem
Just need a resolution
Thanks in advance…

I can see that you have moved this but a reply would be amazing if poss please?
Hopefully a team member can help @sufi
Thank you

Hello, the ticket has been escalated as of now

Amazing thank you :slight_smile: