Issues opening pages on Safari

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The website is working all okay on other devices but it is not working properly on iPhone Safari. The page never loads on Safari on iPhone. Tried reset the cache and changed the network but no luck. Sometimes it takes too much time and loads only some part without images and we are unable to debug whats the issue.

If you share your domain, we can try to debug it for you :slight_smile:

the domain is This domain is working all okay on other browsers and in mobiles but it isn’t working on Safari. Previously it showed the offline cached page of the Website and then it showed the partial content on mobile Safari.

Can you provide screenshots of this, they might contain some hints.

You can check previously it was showing the cached page and then later after refreshing it many times it started showing the partial content

Can you also please try to quickly disable “RocketLoader” HERE, then clear cache and try again.

That indicates that your website shortly was not reachable for Cloudflare. Normaly this is an origin problem - not related to the Safari issue. Let us focus on the Safari issue in this thread.

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