Issues in wp-admin Wordpress

Post´s list and page´s list not working. Page rules created:
Disable Security, Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Performance
But I get error in pages and posts and others sites to wp-admin.
Error 524 timed out.

#CommunityTip 524

But I have searching and not solution. Still not working. Not caching wp-admin. How?

What have you found and what didnt work?

and more…

Could I increase timed out more 100? I want that wp-admin work without cloudflare.Thanks.

You cant, you could only unproxy that record and make requests go directly to your server, but then you are basically not using Cloudflare.

You most likely want to optimise your server, so that it does not take that long to respond.

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Sure. I want optimize and more speed but my server , What actions can i do?

I am afraid thats a question for your server administrator or web developer. That would be beyond the scope of the forum here.

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What actions can I do in cloudflare to better configuration not my server?

If the 100 seconds are an issue you can only do this on your server end or - as said earlier - unproxy that record. The best thing would still to get that response down to a reasonable time.

Pages rules, my configuration is good? Because before I had other configuration distinct that not working 100% but it better that actually I have. I don´t remeber which it was but I remember that security level ->high, always online->on and more.

Page rules wont affect a 524. If the 524 is your actual issue you need to that way down, preferably to a few seconds, but definitely not more than 20, 30 seconds.

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