Issues Getting FTP To Work With Domain

Hi I am trying to setup vsftp with my domain / proxy enabled. I have also changed my ftp port to a approved port by cloudflare…

I managed to get my other apps to work with certain approved ports but for some reason i cant get ftp working… I get as far as

Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
then it fails with bellow errors…

Error: Connection closed by server
Error: Could not connect to server

has anyone been able to overcome this issue. if i use the ip it works just fine, so i believe i have setup right. I understand that i could create a ftp subdomain and have proxy turned off. but then I get a warning saying

This record exposes the IP address used in the A record on my domain. Enable the proxy status to protect your origin server.

That’s what you have to do. The Cloudflare proxy only proxies HTTP/HTTPS traffic (unless you use Cloudflare Spectrum).

You’ll just have to live with that message. There’s nothing you can do if you have the same IP address in both proxied and unproxied records. Instead of using ftp as a subdomain, you could use something random and secret instead to prevent looking it up, although your IP address is probably already seen by DNS history tracking sites so it’s probably not worth it.


thanks for the reply, i thought it might be possible because i used one of the accepted ports to access vnc. instead of using 5900, i used one of cloudflare ports and it allowed me to use my subdomain to access vnc. just not sure why ftp would be any different.

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