Issues getting cloudflare tunnel working with

I’ve gotten the cloudflare tunnel setup and is working for my site. When I navigate to i am presented with the 502 bad gateway. But any other link from my site is working. For example loads fine. also works fine. Its when I try to access just my main landing page without a path specified I get the 502. Does anyone have an insight into this?

I just noticed when trying to access the main site without a path, the tunnel (or something) is trying to add the login path to my omada software controller. When i type it resolves to for some reason

It seems that all links are working now, not getting any 502 issues however my main apache landing page is saying “Not Found” as its adding the login path of my software controller for some reason. Website should be but its resolving to

Sorry for all of the replys to my post I wanted to add more info as I found it.

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One Last edit, I found the issue.

Cloudflare was working fine I just forgot to define my local servers IP in my apache vhost file in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ and restart apache. Defining the server IP here stopped it from trying to load my controllers login page as it also defaults to 80.

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