Issues DNS / SSL

I’m having a domain called Constantly having issues when I enable SSL. Thought it was due DNSSEC. I disabled SSL, then it works fine. After re-enabling it breaks the website.

Already tried to delete the website from CF, but after waiting days and adding again, the same records are being pushed and seems it doesnt get really cleared. Any idea what could go wrong?

Also disabled and enabled Universal SSL multiple times.


Do you see a certificate generated at all for your domain under SSL/TLSEdge Certificates?

It has an error, I just mentioned. Validation error (Timed Out Validaition). No clue how to enforce- or fix this

Disabled en re-enabled Universal SSL. Yet again stuck in Pending Validation. And yes nameservers point to Cloudflare. Even when I try it to manually enter the ACME challenge TXT records it says: already exists.

Any idea how to escalate this to a ticket?

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