Issues clearing cache

I’m purging the cache via the API once a day, when that file was updated using a command like this:
curl -X POST “” -H “X-Auth-Email: [email protected]” -H “X-Auth-Key: 12345…” -H “Content-Type: application/json” --data ‘{“files”: [“”]}’

This doesn’t seem to purge the file out of the cache of all cloudflare servers.

While I see the new file, others report that it still shows the old file even long after the browser TTL expired since my purge.

This causes major problems due to inconsistency, so far, that I had to take that part of the site offline.

How do I ensure that the cache gets purged on ALL cloudflare edgle servers?

Have you tried using the Cloudflare dashboard to do a Purge Everything?

Purging everything is not what I want.

Only the changed files should be purged to avoid increased load on the origin.

Usually there are 10-20 updated files a day out of many thousands.

There’s an index file which does always get updated, when a change in any other file occur so we check that file to see if the site is up-to-date.

Any idea, how I can fix this issue?
I’d like to get the site back up

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