Issues between Host and Cloudflare?


Hi - I’m confused, so I thought that I’d turn to the Cloudflare community :slight_smile:
I’ve been getting warnings and errors for my site for the last 24 hours or so. My site is up and down like a yo-yo.
I have not changed anything on my wordpress website in the last few days - either within my cloudflare settings nor my hosting (godaddy)
The warnings show the familiar cloudflare logos and suggest an issue between my host and cloudflare. I’ve called Godaddy support and they, of course, say it’s cloudflare…
Possibly something to do with security handshakes between my host and cloudflare ?
Pausing my cloudflare from the main overview tab seems to make the problem go away, but this then essentially turns off the benefits of cloudflare.
I also have Jetpack installed, which is also giving me warnings with a link to this page:
Has anyone else had sudden and spontaneous unpleasantness with their website linked to cloudflare over the last 24-36 hours ?


Which error numbers are showing?

My general suspicion is a firewall blocking requests from Cloudflare because too many are coming from the same address or range. Sometimes it’s something that triggers the server to stop responding, but that usually shows up in server logs.


I’ve been having the same problem for the last 48 hours.

I have 10 websites in Cloudflare, but 3 of them are having problems. Up & down.

All 3 are hosted on GoDaddy, but are on separate accounts.

Out of the 10, ~6 are on GoDaddy. But it’s only these 3?


Thanks for the info sdaymanLeader. I am in the process of moving my websites from a Godaddy Managed Wordpress hosting instance to their regular linux cpanel hosting. I don’t know what error numbers they were as I have not seen them since I paused cloudflare from the main settings tab, which stopped the errors.

The Godaddy support person I spoke to said that the godaddy managed wordpress hosting sometimes gets a little too enthusiastic with security when cloudflare is involved. I have had a few issues over the last 6 months or so, and this could explain it. When godaddy managed wordpress hosting works, it works very well. But then it hiccups…sigh.

Once I’ve moved my website to “regular” cpanel hosting and reactivated the ssl cert, I’ll re-enable cloudflare and see what happens. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to move it, so this is as good as any, albeit and annoying excuse.

nicholas.harvey.pers - that’s interesting that you’re having similar issues. Have you found a real solution, rather than my random flailing of limbs ?



Not yet. Was hoping to find it here lol


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