"Issued to" field of certificate information

I bought the advanced certificate ($10 one) yesterday (I wanted to show my domain in the “issued to” field of certificate info). My website redirects the non-www URL to www URL, but the “issued to” field of certificate info shows a non-www domain.

I want to make it something like this:

My Setting:

My website right now:

Try to regenerate it with only that one www hostname. Because there’s already a universal cert, it will respond to non-www, but if it immediately forwards to www, the ACM cert will take over with just the one hostname.


Thank you for your reply. I tried to regenerate the edge certificate with only the www hostname, but Cloudflare does not let me remove the non-www URL from the advanced certificate.

There is no x button to remove the non-www URL from the certificate.

(+ I disabled universal (free) certificate.)

Ah, I see. Would it let you change the order? I also recommend against disabling Universal Cert. It’s your fallback if ACM goes away or breaks. It’s a lower priority cert, so it’s ok to leave active.

Or maybe the API will let you be more specific:

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I tried to change the order and using API to order ACM. Unfortunately, both ways didn’t work. I’ll try submitting a ticket to Cloudflare to resolve this issue. Thank you for using your time on this question. Have a great day!

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